Colorado RV trip and Shead Family Reunion

Mountains and family

June 2, 2016

Mimi's niece Kathy and her husband Ted offered to host a Shead Family reunion at her home in Colorado Springs. We originally thought that we would fly up to Colorado, but then an RV deal popped up with final delivery in Denver and the dates coincided with the reunion to give us a week before to travel in the Colorado mountains and then attend the reunion.

We picked the RV up in Chicago and then drove straight to Colorado over two days. There isn't really a lot to see but open farmland driving across Iowa and Nebraska, so it was a relief to get to the beautiful mountains of Colorado where we spent the next two weeks.

The first video here is in Ouray Colorado. I have no idea what this man was trying to do, but it was sure a good thing that he had a tie rope and so glad he made it back to safety.

Riding the gondola up to the ski area in Telluride Colorado

Yay, we are in Colorado!
We just stopped overnight in Colorado Springs to check in and then headed through the mountains to Ouray hot springs.
My family vacationed in Colorado a lot when I was young and I have fond memories of stopping in Ouray on our way to the Grand Mesa.
Our RV for the trip.
The river behind the RV park was raging with spring runoff.
And wouldn't you know it, the day that we were there the hot springs was closed and drained for maintenance and cleaning. I think they do this once a month.
Main street Ouray.
I don't remember how we got over there, but this is from the other side of the river looking back at the RV park.
They did reopen the hot springs the day we were going to leave, so we were able to enjoy it for a while before leaving for Teluride.
Telluride main street.
Very interesting old homes in Telluride. These are probably million dollar homes because of the location.
Some friends that that we were able to visit that live near Telluride.
Coffee shop and bakery in Telluride.
Our friends 5 year old son's kindergarten graduation.
Taking the gondola up to the top of the ski run area.
I love aspens!
Which way do you want to go?
On top of the mountain at the ski lodge area.
Heading back down.
How long has the skier been impaled there?
Up at the far end of Telluride at some kind of mine.
Back in Telluride.
Driving through the San Juan National Forest on our way to Pagosa Springs we had a long wait for some road work.
RV park in Pagosa Springs where we stayed for a night on our way back to Colorado Springs for the reunion.
Pagosa Springs. Mimi loved this area!
And finally on with the Shead family reunion.
This was at a beautiful outdoor restaurant.
Having fun at Kathie's home.
Mimi's sister Linda, her husband Dale, and her two daughters and grandson.
The Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs.