Sept. 23, 2016

Some friends of our won a weeks stay at a Manzanillo condo, but weren't able to go for the whole week. We gladly took their place for the first few days and once they were able to come we rented a place at. a hotel nearby. So we had a. fun week in Manzanillo.

The beaches in Manzanillo aren't the best in Mexico, but it is a beautiful place. Both of these places were high up on cliffs overlooking the ocean.

The view was beautiful in both directions. This is looking away from the Ocean back over a golf course area.
And this of course is the ocean view.
This condo is called El Faro (the lighthouse).
Climbing up the steps that wind around the lighthouse.
Overlooking condo area from the lighthouse.
The other side of the lighthouse overlooking the ocean.
Moving to the new place on the next mountain over and looking back at El Faro.
This is the beach that is at the foot of the cliffs that we were staying up on.
Entrance into the hotel.