Jan. 18, 2017

We rented an Airbnb condo for a week in Queretaro. It was actually a ways outside of Queretaro in this super "Coto" or "Fraccionamiento" area. We like Queretaro so much that after our week was up at the condo we rented a hotel right in Queretaro for another four days so that we could explore more.

A "Coto" or "Fraccionamiento" is basically an enclosed housing area. They usually have a security gate to enter and may be individual housing or condos. This place was basically a whole bunch of small cotos inside this one big huge coto. We'd never seen anything like it before. There was one main security gate to enter the area where you had to scan your driver's license to get in. Once inside this big area there was all of these smaller cotos that had their own security checkpoint to enter. I don't know how many of these that there were, but I'd guess at least 10 or more.

Our coto that was inside of the big coto had a golf course and the condo looked out over it. There were also single unit houses in the area. We spent a week here and it was at least a 30 minute drive into town.

We didn't want to leave Queretaro, so we moved into town for a few more days. There are a lot of little plazzas all around the city and you often run across people drawing a crowd in one way or another. Here's Andrea Bocelli!

View out of the living room the afternoon that we arrived.
We came back and ate at this Italian restaurant later on.
A really fun restaurant.
The restaurant menu in front.
The bar area.
And of course, lots of churches!
Day trip to Peña de Bernal which was about an hour away. The attraction of the town is this 350 meter tall monolith.
Church in Peña de Bernal.
Another fun restaurant in Peña de Bernal.
Walks around the condo area.
From patio on the hotel roof when we moved into the city.
Some sidewalk cafes that we ate at a lot.
Eating at one of the sidewalk cafes.
And of course more churches!
Back at the Italian restaurant
And at a little Indian restaurant.
A beautiful park in Queretaro near where we were staying.
The plaza in front of the park is dedicated to families.
Built in the 18th century, this iconic stone aqueduct is over 28 meters high & almost 1,300 meters long.
City Market in Queretaro.
We had never seen any place quite like this in Mexico. They recently built one in Guadalajara, but we haven't been there yet.